News 2016

News release # 49

November 30, 2016

On November 30, 2016, the project ACUMEN of the European Commission 7th Framework Program ranked Prof. Yoav Bashan, the President of Bashan Foundation (USA) and the group leader of Environmental Microbiology Group at the Northwestern Center for Biological Research (Mexico) as the #1 scientist in all life sciences in Mexico.

Congratulations to Prof. Yoav Bashan

News release # 48

August 19, 2016

On 19 August 2016, J&L contractors of Auburn, Alabama delivered the finished first building of the Bashan Institute of Science, the research institute facility of the Bashan Foundation, to Drs. Luz and Yoav Bashan. The building will go into a period of internal organization with furniture and laboratory equipment before inauguration.

Bashan Institute of Science finished offices

News release # 47

July 11, 2016

In July 2016, the Bashan Foundation celebrates its 13th anniversary as a not-for-profit, virtual international scientific research institute dedicated to diffusion of science, for free, among the worldwide scientific community. Although the idea to conserve prime scientific knowledge of productive scientists for generations to come, especially for those with limited access to scientific literature, was conceived in the last days of the 20th century, it took over 3 years to build the necessary legal and practical foundations of The Bashan Foundation. It was finally registered with the State of Oregon (USA) on July 2003. From a handful of members in 2003 with a few hundred publications available to the public, we grew, selectively, through the years to over 60 research groups with a central repository of over 7000 PDFs created by these groups. It is still growing. The scientific community responded in an encouraging way, downloading over the years 7.5 million PDFs from the foundation´s website. Currently, the site downloads over 200,000 PDFs each month and serves over 660,000 individuals who need this information. We hope our foundation will continue to be useful for mankind

News release # 46

June 13, 2016

On June the 13th our friend and member of our foundation Michael Schmid of Helmholtz Zentrum München, Germany passed away very suddenly at the age of only 48 years old. “Big Mike” was our member since 2010.

The scientific legacy of over 70 papers plus many chapters in books of Mike will be conserved in the permanent archives of the foundation for generation to come. Fortunately, as Mike always kept his entry updated, we have almost all of them.

With time the foundation will construct a memorial website for him.

May he rest in peace.

News release # 45

January 23, 2016

On 23 January 2015, The Bashan Foundation had donated (downloads/open, only by visitors) to the public Fifteen million PDF versions of research articles provided to the foundation by our members. Few articles were downloaded over 100,000 times, each, and numerous articles were downloaded in the range of 10,000 to 70,000, each. It worth to mention that it took the foundation 8 years to donate the first 5 million PDFs and about 1.5 years to donate the latest 5 million PDFs. Over a million of individual scientists and student were served.


This report contains overall statistics:
  • Individual requests: 15,002,500
  • Average successful requests for pages per day: 10,714
  • Distinct files requested: 6,458
  • Distinct individuals served: 1,098,482
  • Data transferred: 2.43 terabytes
  • Average data transferred per day: 638.19 megabytes
(Automatic daily report of activities in the website of The Bashan Foundation, January 23, 2016)