News release # 38
December 17, 2014

The Bashan Foundation registered with the state of Alabama, USA a new non-profit scientific research organization, The Bashan Institute of Science (BIS). Its mission is creating novel cutting edge scientific advances by continuously exploring the unknown, development of new scientific ideas and concepts for the benefit and advancement of mankind and enhancing quality of life. The driving force behind its operation is the constant needs of society for better living. This is done through creating new knowledge and new, and continuously changing, scientific solutions and new technologies, mostly in biology.

The main research efforts of BIS will focus on environmental science and biotechnology in a liberal and humanistic working environment.

The BIS is committed to a long-term, continuous evolvement as a scientific research organization. Its main goal is creating useful, outstanding science and technologies. The BIS is an organization for current scientific needs and for the needs of future generations.

News release # 37
December 8, 2014

Dr. Shela Gorinstein of the School of Pharmacy at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and member of the Bashan Foundation since 2005 celebrated a landmark 60th wedding anniversary.

Dr. Gorinstein manages a large international research group spread around the globe is extremely active and very productive (

We wish her all the force to continue in her fast pace of studies for the benefit of mankind.

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Dr. Gorinstein and her husband Arkadi in their 60th anniversary in Israel..

News release # 36
September 5, 2014

Mrs. Sara Bashan, the honorary President of The Bashan Foundation is 90 years old. To celebrate her milestone of longevity, family and friends arrived from all over Israel and overseas for this anniversary. A traditional Israeli lunch in the garden of her son was offered and a book with photos from her long history was given to all participants.

Sara, who retired from active management of her vineyard and orchid estate several years ago, is enjoying calm and healthy retirement among equally long-living friends in a retirement apartment-hotel in Hadera, Israel. All of us extend the traditional Jewish blessing: “To 120”.

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Sara and her son, Yoav Bashan The president of
the Bashan Foundation during the celebration.

Two talks in her honor that were read during the celebration (Text in Hebrew)

News release # 35
June 30, 2014

On 30 June 2014, The Bashan Foundation had donated (downloads/open only by visitors) to the public Ten million PDF versions of research articles provided to the foundation by our members. Few articles were downloaded over 60,000 times, each, and numerous articles were downloaded in the range of 10,000 to 50,000, each. It worth to mention that it took the foundation 8 years to donate the first 5 million PDFs and less than 2 years more to donate another 5 million PDFs.

General Summary
This report contains overall statistics.

Individual requests: 10,018,400

Average successful requests for pages per day: 8,124

Distinct files requested:5,281

Distinct individuals served: 834,183

Average data transferred per day: 1.43 terabytes

Average data transferred per day: 444.51 megabytes

(Automatic daily report of activities in the website of The Bashan Foundation, July 30, 2014)

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News release # 34
April 30, 2014
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Dr. Luz de-Bashan, the vice-president of The Bashan Foundation, was promoted by Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (CONACYT) of the Mexican federal government to the rank of "Associated Professor" at the Northwestern Center for Biological Research (CIBNOR) in La Paz, Mexico.

This sort of nomination justifies a party.

Few weeks later,

A Mexican-type fiesta in the garden of Luz celebrating the promotion with the current
members (few missed the fiesta) of the Environmental Microbiology Group of CIBNOR, Mexico.

Cheering the promotion (from left: Oskar. Cristina, Jairo, Esmeralda,
Edisa, Blanca, Luisa, Luz, Yoav, Edgar, Manuel and Juan Pablo)

Edgar and Luisa, the grillers, responsible to feed the hungry crowd. They served as the newer grillers (Asaderos) of the group after the famed Griller-in-Chief, Luis Leyva, graduated (News # 33) and left the group few months earlier. They continuously grilled 5 different types of meat, total of 6.5 kg, in a quality that would make their “Maestro Asadero” Luis proud.

After eating all, hours passed telling funny stories. It looks that everybody had great time. Now everybody waits for the Full Professor rank of Luz

News release # 33
March 27, 2014
(Click on photo to enlarge).

The 13th student to be partly supported by The Bashan Foundation, Luis Leyva, successfully and skillfully defended his doctoral thesis at the Northwestern Center for Biological Research, La Paz, Mexico on 27 March 2014.

Luis is the son of a family of fishing and small-scale ranching in the State of Sinaloa, Mexico. He is the first of his extended family (apart from his wife that graduated at CIBNOR several years ago) to be awarded a doctorate.

His thesis concerned the accumulation of lipids and fatty acids in the microalgae Chlorella vulgaris that was immobilized in alginate beads with Azospirillum brasilense.

Luis holds many distinctions in the Environmental Microbiology Group at CIBNOR. He is the longest serving student in the group. Within a span of 15 years, he obtained the three degrees leading to the doctorate. He was the first student to be partly supported by The Bashan Foundation, was the 100th recipient of a master’s degree at CIBNOR (M.Sc., 27 April 2006, see News release #2), authored and co-authored one of the largest number of research papers and popular science publications in the group by a student, and was the most distinguished cook of charcoal-grilled meat and fish in the history of the research group. [During his 15-year tenure at the grill, entire cattle herds, flocks of chicken, and schools of fish passed through his grill for the fiestas of the group.] This skill will be missed!

Since all of the research papers based on his doctorate have been submitted for publication, Luis will join his wife at the Technical University of Sonora in Cuidad Obregon for a joint project and to search for an appropriate academic position.

The committee is asking questions regarding the dissertation (from left: Dr. Luz de-Bashan, Dr. Yoav Bashan, Dr. Felipe Ascencio [the president of the committee], Dr. Patricia Hernandez and Dr. Alberto Mendoza by video conference from Reynosa).

Dr. Luz de-Bashan announces the approval of the doctorate

Luis’ acceptance of the obligations of the degree, which is a required formal declaration in Mexico

Luis found a moment to take a photo with his committee that was presented in the auditorium (Dr. Mendoza reminds only as a video image) once all the signatures were placed on his graduation document (From left) Dr. Luz de-Bashan, the co-director of the thesis, Dr. Patricia Hernadez, Luis, Dr. Yoav Bashan, the other co-director of the thesis, and Dr. Felipe Ascencio who presided over the entire doctoral defense.

After the official ceremony was over, Luis with his wife Mariana who graduated several years before from the same program and with Manuel Moreno the staff personal of the group of Environmental Microbiology with whom he worked for many years.

A cheer for the new graduate by the guys who got the few seats at his graduation fiesta

After the official ceremony was over, Luis put on an apron (not in the photo) and, together with his parents and his father in law, feed a large crowd of very hungry friends and family at his graduation fiesta similarly to what they did 8 years before in his M.Sc. graduation (See News Release # 2, 2006). A “mountain” of Sonoran-quality meat and Sonoran cookies were consumed. He performed his last grill with outstanding results, as always.

News release # 32
March 13, 2014
(Click on photo to enlarge).

The 12th student to be partly supported by The Bashan Foundation, Edgar Amavizca Valdez, successfully defended his master’s thesis at the Northwestern Center for Biological Research, La Paz, Mexico on 13 March 2014.

Edgar is the son of high school teachers in the State of Sonora, Mexico. He chose a unique theme for his thesis. His thesis concerned the remote effects of plant growth-promoting bacteria on the microalgae Chlorella vulgaris, probably from volatiles compounds produced by associated bacteria. This is the first time this topic was studied in the Environmental Microbiology Group.

He decided to stay with the Environmental Microbiology Group at CIBNOR for at least a half-year more to help to publish in a high impact journal the results of his research and gain more technical skills before continuing doctorate studies abroad.

Edgar Presenting his thesis to the public and to the evaluation committee

Dr. Luz de-Bashan still has few questions after 2.5 years of advising Edgar

And few more questions by Dr. Yoav Bashan

The committee listen to the explanations of Edgar (From Left: Dr. Luz de-Bashan, Dr. Yoav Bashan and Dr. Macario Bacilio serving as the external examiner)

Edgar answering the questions of the evaluation committee

Meanwhile Edgar’s family listens to the graduation process. Usually, most of the public leaves before the long session of questions and few return for the real graduation. Probably an incentive to stay is needed.

Dr. Macario Bacilio read the decision of the committee: approved

While the “surviving” public stands. And that’s it. Edgar is the new master of science of the group of Environmental Microbiology at CIBNOR

News Release # 31
March 7, 2014
(Click on photo to enlarge).

The 11th student to be partly supported by The Bashan Foundation, Emmanuel Vidaña Avila, successfully defended his master’s thesis at the Northwestern Center for Biological Research, La Paz, Mexico on 7 March 2014.

Emmanuel, the son of a ranching family in the State of Durango, Mexico is the first of his family to be awarded a master’s degree. His program progressed quickly and was successfully completed on time.

His thesis concerned the effect of glycerol as a carbon source in a system that immobilized microalgae and bacteria under heterotrophic conditions to remove ammonium and phosphate from wastewater. The end of the program was stressful for Emmanuel and, after graduation, he decided to take a break before considering his future path.

Emmanuel officially accept the obligations and the official requirements of the Mexican government from the new graduate.

Emmanuel and his main advisor (Dr. Yoav Bashan) half a minute after the official graduation.

News release # 30
January 31, 2014
(Click on photo to enlarge).

The tenth student to be partly supported by The Bashan Foundation, Francisco Javier Choix, successfully defended his doctoral thesis at the Northwestern Center for Biological Research, La Paz, Mexico on 31 January 2014.

Francisco, the son of merchants in the State of Sonora, Mexico is the first of his family to be awarded a doctorate. His doctorate progressed quickly, successfully completed on time, and produced four publications in high impact journals.

His thesis concerned the effect of the beneficial bacterium Azospirillum on accumulation of carbohydrates and especially starch in the microalgae Chlorella. After graduation, Francisco will have post-doctoral studies with the group of Environmental Microbiology at CIBNOR on a Brazilian industrial project involving improvement of inoculants of Azospirillum.

Francisco is presenting his thesis work
to the committee and the public.

Francisco, partially exhausted, a second
after he finished his presentation

After the official presentation, Francisco answers questions from the examining committee
(from left: Drs. Hani Antoun, Luz de-Bashan, Felipe Ascencio, Alberto Mendoza and Yoav Bashan).

Dr. Ascencio reads the final decision of the committee: APPROVED.

Francisco with the committee after the thesis defense (from left: Drs. Hani Antoun, Felipe Ascencio, Yoav Bashan, Luz de-Bashan, and Alberto Mendoza).

At the brandies after his graduation
(From left, Drs. Hani Antoun,
Luz de-Bashan, Francisco, Blanca
Lopez and Francisco’s daughter)

Due to administration regulations at CIBNOR, the work of Francisco cannot be recognized officially as exceptional; however, the committee signed a document recognizing the excellent performance of Francisco during his research work and defending his thesis.

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