Dr. Jose Luis Ochoa

Dr jose Luis Ochoa

I met Jose Luis Ochoa in July 1984 at the 12th International Carbohydrate Symposium in Utrecht, The Netherlands after my presentation, where he asked me questions during the discussion. After the end of the session, I met him and was very much surprised by this young handsome scientist who proposed very nice ideas for cooperation.

At that time, I was working in South Africa for 3 years at the University and represented at the Conference South Africa. I had finished my duties there and returned to my tenured position at the Hebrew University. It was the beginning of 1985. I was very sad because after many years, I returned to an empty office without any grants and started everything from scratch.

Dr jose Luis Ochoa

Suddenly, there was a telephone call from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about my future visit to the International Conference "Use and Preservation of Biological Resources in Marine Environments in Arid Zones", April, 1985, La Paz, Mexico. This conference was entirely organized by Jose Luis Ochoa.

Then, the next year, I invited him to visit my laboratory at the University in Israel. He spent some time working on the bench as a young biochemist in the separation of proteins from seven species of Cactaceae and we published our first paper in 1995, then the second in 1999. In Israel, everybody in our department liked him very much. At the end of his 2-month visit, we organized with him a special Conference-lunch to report the results of his investigation. We worked with Jose-Luis on many subjects: Mexican beer stability, phytoplankton, citrus fruits, and other subjects.

I can write a lot of my memories, but the most important is that he was my friend and he will remain as such forever,

Shela Gorinstein
The Institute for Drug Research
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The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Jerusalem, Israel

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