Technical description

Dismantled assembly for
vertical soil core sampler
with all necessary parts

Mounted vertical soil core
sampler with all the pieces
assembled in their correct position.

Large vertical soil sampler
(60-80 cm long).

Harden steel cutting head
of the vertical soil core
sampler screwed to the
tube of the sampler by
rough threads

Soft aluminum cap to protect the
vertical sampler from the blows
from the heavy hammer

A compactor to help extract
the soil core from within the
soil sampler and maintain the
integrity of the core in light soils

A U-shape jaw accessory mounted
on the car jack built to fit the cutting
head of the soil sampler. This allows
easy lifting of the sampler from the soil.

A flat, strong steel base welded to the
base of the car jack to prevent the car
jack from sinking into the ground during

An assembled short soil sampler
(40-50 cm long).

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