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Colonized (dark) and noncolonized
ryegrass roots observed by stereo
microscope with a relatively low
magnification. The colonized
root is easily distinguishable from
the noncolonized root. Bar = 25 Ám.

Individual hyphae in both
heavily and partially colonized
sections of a bean root are
clearly visible. The diffuse dark
spots are arbuscules.
Bar = 20 Ám.

You see the brown central cylinder
of a ryegrass root, with the more
yellowish root cells beside. In some
of the root cells you can clearly
distinguish the dark stained
arbuscules. Bar = 20 Ám.

Again you see the brown central cylinder
of a ryegrass root with fungal vesicles and
internal hyphae. Bar = 20 Ám.

Arbuscules (e.g. in the right upper
corner) and internal hyphae in bean
root tissue. Bar = 5 Ám.

Penetration unit (appressorium)
of Glomus mosseae in a ryegrass
root stained with blue ink
(Pelikan). Bar = 20 Ám.

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