Macario Bacilio Jiménez

Version February 2005


Bachellor: Biologist. I. P. N.
Maesters: Vegetal physiology. I. P. N.
Doctorate: Vegetal physiology. I. P. N.


  1. Organic fertilization (composts) and its effects on agricultural practices.
    • The production and application of composts for improving the chemical and physical properties of soil are an alternative in the use and consumption of fertilizing chemicals, and for conserving soil resources. The study of germination and growth of plants in organically fertilized soils will allow the best conditions for the production of vegetal biomass.
  2. Interaction of the plant growth-promoting bacterium Azospirillum with plants in organic agriculture.
    • By simultaneous employment of organic improvers (composts) to increase fertility and enhance soil properties and inoculation of seeds and/or seedlings with growth stimulating bacteria (Azospirillum), we offer two tools that favor an increase in the production of biomass and plant performance.



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