The "Environmental Microbiology" group strives to excel in the research of its graduate students and on "tailor-made" theses. Each of our students is required to publish his/her thesis or main findings in high impact, peer-reviewed scientific journals. "Instant" and "assembly line" theses are therefore, unavailable.

Graduated students (since 1992)

Doctor of philosophy or Doctor in sciences
Master in Sciences Diploma

Degree: B. Sc., M. Sc., D. Sc., Ph.D.
Starting time: B.Sc., and Ph.D. anytime; M. Sc., September; and D. Sc., twice a year (at CIB) anytime from other universities.
Graduate school/University: Any recognized university in Mexico or abroad.
Thesis: Should be related to our research areas
Possible tutors: Any researcher of the group

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