1996-1997 - "National Science and Technology Council of Mexico"; (CONACyT). Project: Improvement of beneficial bacteria from the sediment and rhizosphere of mangrove to promote mangrove seedling growth.

Balandra lagoon
Angel Carrillo and Gerardo Toledo reforesting Balandra lagoon with black mangrove seedlings.

1994-1997 - "National Science and Technology Council of Mexico" (CONACyT). Project: Interaction between mycorrhizae fungi and associative nitrogen fixing bacteria on desert plants.

Bacteria on desert plants
Neta Bashan prepares a soil experiment.
Sampling cactus plants
Gina Holguin and a student are sampling cactus plants growing in solid rocks.
Dirt roads
Driving Baja California dirt roads in search of interesting samples.
Dirt roads

1993-1996 - "Halox Co. Oregon, USA." Project: The effect of chlorine dioxide combined with beneficial bacteria on plant growth.

1993-1994 - "National Science and Technology Council of Mexico" (CONACyT). Project: Mycorrhizae of desert plants. (Cathedra for Dr. D. Ianson- USDA-ARS, Oregon)

Desertified area
Gina Holguin and Esther Puente are surveying completely desertified area in Baja California (It was a cactus forest about 30 years ago.)

1993-1994 - "The Cactus and Succulent Society of America," USA. Project: Decaying of cardon cactus "forests" in Baja California, Mexico.

Decaying of cardon cactus
Gina Holguin and Gerardo Toledo evaluating top decay of giant cardon cactus.
Decaying of cardon cactus
Gerardo Toledo on the island of Cerralvo (Sea of Cortes) searching for deformations in giant cacti.

1992-1993 - "National Science and technology council of Mexico" (CONACyT). Project: New generation of bacterial biofertilizers.

1991-1992 - "Carlos Lopez Agricultural Enterprises," Mexico. Project: advanced agricultural techniques in semi-arid zones.

1990 - "The Ensenada Center for Research and Higher Education", (CICESE), Mexico. Project: Development of antibodies against pathogenic marine vibrios.

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