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This site describes the scientific programs and publications (most available as PDF files) of the Environmental Microbiology research group, headed by Professor Yoav Bashan at The Northwestern Center for Biological Research (CIBNOR) in Mexico. We study the following topics: plant-bacteria interaction in terrestrial and aquatic environments, water recycling and wastewater biological treatment with microalgae with a final goal to develop new technologies; soil microbiology, conservation of ecosystems (terrestrial and marine), re-forestation and re-vegetation; rock weathering and restoration of eroded desert soils; microbiology and conservation of mangrove ecosystems; effects of inoculants and mixed inoculants of plant growth-promoting bacteria (PGPR/PGPB), especially Azospirillum and endophytes, on environmentally important plants; the effect of PGPB/PGPR in reducing salt and drought stress in plants, bacterial population dynamics in soil and water and detection of bacteria and microalgae using advanced molecular techniques.

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