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In honor to

Prof. Yoav Bashan, Founder

Inoculant formulations are essential for successful inoculation with plant growth-promoting bacteria
Session 6, MICROP Symposium. Vienna, Nov 23-25. 2015.
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Research fields

Environmental Microbiology
Restoration ecology and Biotechnology
Plant (microalgae)-microbe interactions in aquatic and terrestrial environments
Reclamation and conservation of disturbed ecosystems
Water bioremediation
Soil microbiology

Lines of research

Inoculation of cultivated and wild plants with plant growth-promoting bacteria (basic)
Water bioremediation and advanced wastwater treatments (basic and applied studies
Genetic manipulation, detection and monitoring by molecular methods of plant growth-promoting bacteria(basic studies)
Rock weathering by plants and microorganisms(basic studies)
Bacterial inoculants and mixed inoculants to enhance plant growth (applied studies)
Desert revegetation, conservation and restoration of eroded soils (basic and applied studies)
Conservation of desert plants and mangrove ecosystems (applied studies)
Mangrove ecosystems: their microbiology, conservation and restoration (basic and applied studies)