Mrs. Sara Bashan

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Sara Bashan is a sixth generation descendent of Hasidic immigrants to Zafed who arrived in 1833 from Rumania. Sara was born in Tel Aviv in 1924, the second of six children to pioneers in Tel Aviv. Her parents, Shlomo and Mina Gorodenzik, considered themselves merchants and never pioneers. Her early childhood was a time of hardship for the Jewish population of the territory of Palestine under British rule after 1919 and the Arab revolt ten years later. Personal survival was the first priority and higher education was a scarce commodity, especially for women. After high school, Sara worked for her parents as a helper and caretaker of her younger siblings because her parents often worked more than 16 hours a day. After independence of the state of Israel, she married Avner Bashan in 1950 who came from a third-generation of pioneers at Zichron Ya’akov. For over 35 years, Sara helped her husband establish a large vineyard estate. She also engaged in minor, community social service when time permitted. Presently retired, Sara is still managing some business operations of her estate, but is primarily interested in Israeli politics and reading.

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"Mrs Sara Bashan"

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