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Publications in scientific journals


  1. Mengual, C., Schoebitz, M., Caravaca, F. y Roldan, A. 2016. Assessment of the potential role of Streptomyces strains in the revegetation of semiarid sites: the relative incidence of strain origin and plantation site on plant performance and soil quality indicators. Biology and Fertility of Soils. 52(1): 53-64.


  2. Mengual, C., Roldan, A., Caravaca, F. y Schoebitz, M. 2014. Advantages of inoculation with immobilized rhizobacteria versus amendment with olive-mill waste in the afforestation of a semiarid area with Pinus halepensisMill. Ecological Engineering. 73: 1-8.

  3. Mengual, C., Schoebitz, M., Azcon, R. y Roldán, A. 2014. Microbial inoculants and organic amendment improves plant establishment and soil rehabilitation under semiarid conditions. Journal of Environmental Management. 134:1-7.

  4. Curaqueo, G., Schoebitz, M., Borie, F., Caravaca, F. y Roldan, A. 2014.Inoculation with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and addition of composted olive-mill waste enhance plant establishment and soil properties in the regeneration of a heavy metal-polluted environment. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. 21(12):7403-7412.

  5. Schoebitz, M., Mengual, C. y Roldan, A. 2014. Combined effects of clay immobilized Azospirillum brasilense and Pantoea dispersa and organic olive residue on plant performance and soil properties in the revegetation of a semiarid area Science of the Total Environment. 466-467: 67-73.


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  7. Schoebitz, M., Ceballos, C., Ciampi, L. 2013. Effect of immobilized phosphate solubilizing bacteria on wheat growth and phosphate uptake. Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition. 13(1):1.10.


  8. Schoebitz, M., Simonin, H., Poncelet, D. 2012. Starch filler and osmoprotectants improve the survival of rhizobacteria in dried alginate beads. Journal of Microencapsulation. 29(6):532-538.


  9. Schoebitz, M., Ribaudo, C. M., Pardo, M. A., Cantore, M. L. Ciampi, L., Cura, J. A. 2009. Plant growth promoting properties of a strain of Enterobacter ludwigii isolated from Lolium perenne rhizosphere. Soil Biology and Biochemistry. 41: 1768–1774.

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