Yosef (Yosi) Krupik

Yosi Krupik is a graphic artist, born in Zikhron Ya-akov, Israel in 1940 to a family of pioneers in Israel. After finishing obligatory army service, he studied graphic arts in the Technicum Art School in Haifa, Israel. Yosi has been painting since his childhood and many of his creations have been shown in exhibitions. In the last decade, he painted with special ink pens, mainly on rice paper. Recently, 20 paintings were selected for a special exhibition in Wilmington, Delaware, USA.

He resides with his wife Dalia in his ancestral home in Zhikhron Yaakov, Israel.

Communication with the artist:

Postal mail: 27 Hameyasdim Street, Zikhron-Ya’akov, Israel 30900

E-mail: dalia-kr@013.net

Telephone: +972-4-6399525

The Bashan Foundation presented the artwork in this segment
as a gallery exhibit only to promote public awareness of the artist’s
work and has no commercial interest in exploitation or selling
of any of the artwork

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