Yoav Bashan

"The World according to me" Acrylic on canvass. 50 x 60 cm, 2017 (USA).

Yoav Bashan, trained as a scientist in environmental and agricultural microbiology in Israel, started to paint and write fiction more than 25 years ago as hobbies to relax from the tensions and uncertainties of competitive science, a common problem for young scientists at the beginning of their career. In time, life became more relaxed and a period of training in painting at Ohio State University was accomplished. Economical hard times were over, but the passion for painting remained. As the art of Yoav Bashan has never been linked to his family business interests or market pressure, he maintains an independent spirit and unusual focus to his art work. Consequently, a common theme in his art, mainly with acrylic paint on wood or canvas, is an individualistic perception of people and surroundings, if there is a common specific theme or style. He is continuously experimenting in new compositions and ideas at will; from very personal paintings, never to be seen outside his home, cover pages of magazines, to scientific cartoons presented at scientific conferences worldwide and on websites.

He resides with his wife Luz Gonzalez de Bashan, also an artist and scientist, part of the year in a country home outside the city of La Paz in Baja California Sur, Mexico and the other part of the year in the city of Auburn, Alabama, USA.

Yoav Bashan painting the cover of the Canadian magazine “Wildflower” in 2000 in a cactus field near La Paz, Mexico

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