Stella de Gonzalez and Lina-Maria Gonzalez

Stella de Gonzalez is a decorative artist from Colombia.

Stella de-Gonzalez is a native of Jerico, a small town in the mountains of the Antioqia region in northwestern Colombia. This region is best known for cultivation of flowers, its hardworking people (known as the Paisa), and good businessmen who immigrated from Spain in the mists of history. From childhood, she was interested in Colombian decorative art and produced numerous works that have been distributed around the world. Her main interest is decorative art of useful items, such as trays, flower vases, coat hangers, and jewelry boxes.
Lina-Maria Gonzalez, her daughter, is following her artistic path.

She is currently residing in Bogota with her husband.

Contact with the artist:

Mailing adress:
Calle 126 N° 52A-96, AP 236, Bogota, Colombia.

Phone: +57-1-613 4273.

Samples of art work

The Bashan Foundation presented the artwork in this segment as a gallery exhibit only to promote public awareness
of the artist’s work and has no commercial interest in exploitation or selling of any of the artwork

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