Ricardo A. Alarcon
Ricardo Alarcon is painting a new mural in Colombia (2005)

Wall mural, untitled, pencil on cement. Unfinished January 2006.
Ricardo A. Alarcon is an innovative Colombian painter and graphic designer from Bogota.

Ricardo Andres Alarcon was born in Bogota 30 years ago and has been developing an artistic career since childhood. His main painting technique, developed over many years, is with color pencils. He continues to live and work in Bogota. At the beginning, he focused on graphic artwork, such as comics, caricatures, and illustrations, exploring different variations and technical applications. He discovered a broad spectrum of artistic possibilities with the colored pencil technique. With time, his work reached depth and his technical ability developed further. Occasionally, he received professional graphic design commissions that increased his professional knowledge and improvement of his artwork.

He is concerned that the colored pencils technique has had little impact and use in the art world. The limited use of this medium in the art world is probably a result of the technical difficulty in mastering the medium, since precision of the lines and the diverse textures are difficult to master to obtain pure and delicate effects. Nevertheless, the colored pencil technique produces amazing results. At the moment, Mr. Alarcon is still pioneering this technique and trying to show young people that there are more possibilities beyond art made with colored pencils. His future path is to continue working with this interesting technique. He loves to hear people who have seen his exhibitions exclaim the magical words: I HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS BEFORE!

Contact the artist at: tauroman333@yahoo.es

Workshop mailing address:
Diagonal 187a N° 41a-65, Apto. 212, Bogota, Colombia

Telephone: (571) 6 69 34 94
Cellular: 311 312 53 40, Bogota, Colombia

Artwork by Ricardo Alarcon

The Bashan Foundation presented the artwork in this segment
as a gallery exhibit only to promote public awareness of the artist’s
work and has no commercial interest in exploitation or selling
of any of the artwork

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