Henya Melichson–Papercuts Artist

Henya Melichson was born in Tel Aviv in 1953. Her early works were in oils, aquarelles and carbon sketching. Since 1984 she has been concentrating her art in paper cuts.

The subjects of her works are taken from the secular life as decorative productions and the rest are from the Judaica. They combine oriental items typical to the North African paper-cuts with the motives characteristic to the European.

Henya’s work gives a new interpretation to the traditional Jewish paper cuts and to the known religious motives while her main contribution is new and original objects in addition to a modern secular point of view rooted in a deep knowledge of the origins and customs of the Jewish religion.

Henya also created paper cuts classified as first in its kind especially in the cameo category, as ornaments for the poetic blessings of the 'Sidur', for murmurs and vows from ancient manuscripts etc.

The artist works are rich in garlanded ornaments, calligraphy, animals and different symbols from the Jewish folklore. Many of her creations are a fusion of paper cuts decorated with aquarelles colors and many blends of symmetrical and asymmetrical decorations, plains, gaps and delicate filigree works. The paper cuts are made with surgeon’s scalpels Because of the delicacy of the work.


Haifa Museum – Group exhibition, April – September 1986
  • Art-li gallery, Dan Carmel – Haifa, “Between Spiritual and Secular”- Solo exposition September 1989.
  • Openbare Bibliotheek, Prinsengracht 587 Amsterdam Solo Exhibition .March- May 1990.
  • Knipselmuseum, Westerbork Holland, Paper Cuts Museum: 7 creations in a continuous exhibition starting June 1990.
  • The Artists Gallery – Ein Hod “Silsulim” solo exposition June-July 1991.
  • Leventhal- Sidman J.C.C. Star Gallery – Boston, U.S.A. Group Exhibition October 1992.
  • Yad Le-Banim- Haifa “Lights and Candles” Solo exhibition, November-December 1993
  • The Municipal Auditorium “Yad Le-Banim” Kfar Sava. Solo Exposition March 1994.
  • Willfried Museum “Kibutz Ha Zorea” Group Exhibition. Sept.- Dec. 2003.
T.V (Israel):

  • July 1991, , Review & Interview on Channel 1.
  • Dec. 1993, Review & Interview on Local T.V. Haifa

Communication with the artist:

E-mail: henya01@012.net.il

Telephone: +972-3-604 4357

The Bashan Foundation presented
the artwork in this segment as
a gallery exhibit only to promote
public awareness of the artist’s
work and has no commercial
interest in exploitation or selling of
any of the artwork

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