María Alejandra Bestani

María Alejandra Bestani is an Argentinean painter. She graduated from the Department of Plastic Arts at the University of Tucuman in 1989, specializing in painting. She is an artist-in-residence of this university, designing mainly book covers of Argentinean authors. Since 1993, she has worked on restoring antique religious artwork. She has participated in numerous individual and group art expositions in Argentina.

She describes her art as “My paintings since the beginning have always been figurative. The theme was changed from human figures to fauna and flora. In my latest work, a marked devotion to the defense of the environment and the preservation of endangered species is shown. Jaguar, toucan, tapir, macaws, and many animals used to inhabited the tropical forests of Tucumán are now extinct except for toucans returning to our jungle after having abandoned it for 100 years. In terms of technique, I first used oil, but because of the long drying time, I changed to acrylic. Painting for me is the best way to communicate with myself, with society, and the world”.

Alejandra Bestani resides in the city of San Miguel de Tucumán, in Argentina.

Contact with the artist:


Mailing adress:
Country Los Azahares, La RIOJA 3500 Yerba Buena Tucumán Código Postal- 4107- Argentina

Phone: +54 0381-155201222

Samples of art work Samples of art work

The Bashan Foundation presented the artwork in this segment as a gallery exhibit only to promote public awareness of the artist’s work and has no commercial interest in exploitation or selling of any of the artwork

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