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Selected Publications



  1. Tunali MM, Khalvati, MA, Onay, TT and Yenigun O. (2016) Microbial Association in Plant Rhizosphere Supporting Phytoremediation of Copper Contaminated Soils. Chemosphere (in review).


  2. Khalvati, M.A. and Schroder P. 2015. Phosphorus recovery from P-enriched soils by novel rhizspheric and proteomic technologies for mitigating environmental pollution risks. Environmental Science and Pollution Research (ESPR- in review)


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  6. Ruth B, Khalvati, MA and Schmidhalter U. 2011. Quantification of Water Flow through Hyphae of Mycorrizal Plants Measured by Capacitance Sensors for Soil Water Content. Plant and Soil. 342(1-2): 459-468.



  7. Khalvati, MA Bartha B. and Schroeder P. 2009. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal association on growth yield and detoxify xenobiotic of barley under drought stress. Journal of Soils and Sediments. 10:54-64.

  8. Aliabadi Farahani H, Valadabadi A, Daneshian J and Khalvati MA. 2009. Evaluation changing of essential oil of balm (Melissa officinalis L.) in water deficit stress conditions. Journal of Medicinal Plants Research. 3(5): 329-333.

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  11. Valadabadi SA, Aliabadi Farahani H and Khalvati MA. 2009. Evaluation of grain growth of corn and sorghum under K2O application and irrigation according. Asian Journal of Agricultural Science. 1(1): 19-24.

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  13. Khalvati MA and Schroeder P. (2008) Interaction effects of Glomus and xenobiotic glutathione conjugate on the detoxification enzymes of the mycorrhiozal roots in barley. Genes and proteins involved in steps of phytoextraction and degradation of pollutants (European Research Commissions, 7th Framework programme-COST-ACTION 859, Verona, Italy) pp. 57.

  14. Sima NAK., Khalvati, MA Hu Y. 2008. Response of plant growth to different salinization in root zone. Journal of Plant Nutrition. 31(3): 411-425


  15. Khalvati M.A., Hu Y., Mozafar A. and Schmidhalter U. 2005. Quantification of water uptake by mycorrhizal hyphae and its significance for leaf growth, water relations and gas exchange of barley subjected to drought stress. Plant Biology. 7: 706-712.


  16. Khalvati M.A., Yuncai, H., and Schmidhalter, U. 2004. Quantification of water uptake by hyphae with split-root-hyphae system in barley unders drougth. Wurzelinduzierte Bodenvorgange. 14: 43-49.


  17. Khalvati M.A., Avcioglu R. and Damiroglu G. 2001. II. Effect of different salt concentrations on the resistance of maize cultivars - Some morphological and yield characteristic in early growth. Turkish Journal of Field Crops. 6: 49-54.

  18. Damiroglu G, .Khalvati M.A and Avcioglu R. and 2001. I.- Effect of different salt concentrations on the resistance of maize cultivars -Some physiological characteristics and ion accumulation in early growth. Turkish Journal of Field Crops. 6: 55-60.

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  19. Khalvati MA and Dincer I (2013) Environmental Impact of Soil Microorganisms on Global Change. ed: Ibrahim Dincer, C.Ozgur Colpan and Fethi Kadioglu: Causes, Impacts and Solutions to Global Warming Springer- publish Berlin Heidelberg New York. pp. 233-250.


  20. Solouki T, Khalvati MA Miladi M and Zekavat B (2011) State-of-the-art Chemical Analysis of Xenobiotics and Residues in Plant Based Products. ed: Peter Schroeder: Organic Xenobiotics and Plants: from Mode of Action to Ecophysiology Author: Peter Schroeder 2011, Volume 8, Part 3, 261-306, DOI: 10.1007/978-90-481-9852-8_12 . Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg New York.


  21. Schroeder, P. Khalvati, M.A. Neustifter, J. and Gschlößl T. 2008. Use of Phragmis australis for Phytoremediation of organic compounds in municipal waste water treatment plants. Ed: J.P. Navarro-Avino: Phytoremediation: The Green Salvation of the World. Chapter 1, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg New York, pp. 231-242.


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